When my friends asked me why I wanted to start a blog about skiing, no one was very supportive. I mean, on the surface they were: “That’s great, Deepak, you love skiing!” But then there was always this questioned that undermined any excitement people were able to muster: “But what will it be about?” As if skiing is something without substance, that can’t be written about in an interesting way, or isn’t worth writing about.

Well, I’m here to show all my friends (and myself) that skiing is more than just a sport. In fact, for me, it’s more like a spiritual experience. Being good at any sport can be a deeply emotional and moving experience, and for me skiing is no different. Skimming down the sides of these gigantic geological features puts everything in life in perspective: one wrong move and I could die. To put yourself in that kind of danger time and time again really helps you focus on what’s important in life, and think about why we do the things that we do.

I hope that you enjoy spending time here at my blog reading my thoughts about skiing and my updates on the things going on in the skiing world.

Edit: As of 2016, I am now in traveling in France to do my skiing, so now all my friends and readers will get the added pleasure of reading about my adventures in France as well as my thoughts on skiing! I would love to hear from any and all of you, so feel free to contact me any time!