A Short Intro to Skiing


What does it take to be a great skier? It’s a question I ask my self on a daily bases. The greats will tell you it’s takes practice and will power. But what if there is no where  to practice, then my friends perhaps you aren’t look hard enough.

The Course

Now permitting that you live or own land one slope that’s snows (sure you can buy a snow machine if you are that determined) but 1st you my mats nice your land. Tress my prove to be s fun object but to many are a receptive for disaster. Contact a service to remove the majority of the foliage from your path to be safe. Brightly colored markers or flags will do fine at guiding you on your home made practice course. Be sure check with your local safety department to make your are not in avalanche territory and also to consult them while planing your course. Now that you have a course you need your starter gear.

The Gear

The most important and piece of equipment is about the skies, go for a set around  30cm shorter than you height. After that you will need a set of boots to match. While they may be uncomfortable at first it is only because they need to be tight enough to prevent snow form entering. However; be careful that there is not so tight as to constrict blood flood. A sturdy winter coat, a set of snow pants, a pair or long under, and some nice warm gloves should have you set for the slopes, happy skiing.
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