Buying Powder Skis

powder skiing


There is one thing that all true skiers dream about at night: powder. That glorious fluffy white stuff is the closest we skiers can get to riding on a cloud. As a result, skiers throughout history have been known to do crazy things to get a chance to cruise through some swaths of powder. If you are new to the skiing game, you may not be able to relate to the craze that some of these veteran skiers have, but once you get a taste of powder, you will soon be a powder hound too. If you have recently found out about the joys of skiing through powder, you might be considering buying skis made especially for skiing in deep snow. This is important because if you just use regular skis or even all purpose skis, you might run the risk of sinking or not being able to handle yourself in powder as well. This article will point out the best qualities to look for when buying a powder skis.


Width is everything!

When it comes to getting skis for powder, the main thing that you will need to look for is the width of the ski. Essentially, this is how it works: the wider the ski, the better you will be able to float on top of the powder. To give you an idea, some powder skis are almost as wide as some waterskis! Anyway, a good width to look for in powder skis is anywhere between 115 and 130 mm.

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