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Getting Ready for the Mountain

working out


If you have already chosen your ski destination, you might want to make sure that you are properly ready to enjoy your awesome ski vacation with your ski club. One of the ways to thoroughly enjoy the skiing experience is to make sure that you can be physically prepared for the mountain. There are several ways to do this, and this post is aimed at helping you establish some exercises for having the best ski time of your life.



Probably the best thing that you can do for yourself and your friends is to make sure that you will be able to breathe and function properly at a higher altitude. This is especially important for those who live in places where it is flat or where you might be very close to sea level. The best way to do this is to make sure that your cardio is at the peak level of performance. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, but I suggest that you switch things up for you and your group. For example, you can schedule a group run on Monday and Tuesday and then on Wednesday do some jump rope activities. This will allow you to be exposed to the different kinds of stresses that skiing gives you and will make you have the best physical preparedness for your trip. In this way, you won’t be completely winded and breathless after your first two runs down the mountain (hopefully).

Working out on your property

If you are fortunate enough to have a large enough property to work out on, then by all means, make sure that you do so! However, if your area is too wooded for clear exercising, you may need to find out land clearing rates. However, don’t you worry. There are plenty of businesses that can do this for you. You may be wondering how to find a licensed and insured company. Again, don’t fret one bit. I’ll give you the scoop!

If you use your favorite search engine, you can find a plethora of businesses that can help you find your ski preparation work space for a low cost. If you type in your area, you can be sure to locate the right business that can do all of your tending for fruit arbors or other kinds of arbor care and removal.

Remember, you have the land to work out on, so by all means, master it and make it yours so you can be ready for the mountain. Good luck!

Buying Powder Skis

powder skiing


There is one thing that all true skiers dream about at night: powder. That glorious fluffy white stuff is the closest we skiers can get to riding on a cloud. As a result, skiers throughout history have been known to do crazy things to get a chance to cruise through some swaths of powder. If you are new to the skiing game, you may not be able to relate to the craze that some of these veteran skiers have, but once you get a taste of powder, you will soon be a powder hound too. If you have recently found out about the joys of skiing through powder, you might be considering buying skis made especially for skiing in deep snow. This is important because if you just use regular skis or even all purpose skis, you might run the risk of sinking or not being able to handle yourself in powder as well. This article will point out the best qualities to look for when buying a powder skis.


Width is everything!

When it comes to getting skis for powder, the main thing that you will need to look for is the width of the ski. Essentially, this is how it works: the wider the ski, the better you will be able to float on top of the powder. To give you an idea, some powder skis are almost as wide as some waterskis! Anyway, a good width to look for in powder skis is anywhere between 115 and 130 mm.

Skiing Terrain


ski glade

If you’ve ever skied on a big mountain before, you might be wondering how these resort owners and developers manage to tame and cultivate such a wild mountain. This is quite a valid question as some of the runs on these mountains are very incredible. From having chairlifts that are high speed that rapidly transport you up the mountain to very pleasant runs that allow you to casually cruise down the mountain, ski resorts are kind of a marvel of the intersection between nature and human development. This article will discuss below some of the aspects of mountain grooming.

Terrain features


What is surprising about moguls is that they can form in different ways. One way is the natural way. After a lot of fresh snow, skiers going through the same path down the mountain can carve little depressions in the snow, creating large mounds of untouched snow. If this pattern continues, then moguls can naturally form. The other way is through artificial placement of snow or mountain so that moguls will appear after any kind of snowfall. Either way, moguls are a great way to challenge your skiing abilities.


A lot of the time, cliffs happen naturally. They are usually just part of the mountain’s formation. However, steeps are usually patrolled and tested by a ski resort to determine how safe they are. For example, some cliffs are completely safe to ski off of with proper training. Others have a nasty landing or will put the skier directly in a glade, which can be dangerous.


Glades are swath of trees or a small forest that you can ski through. Oftentimes, these are just patches of trees that a skier will just happen upon. However, sometimes these glades can be too thick for skiers to navigate. In this case, sometimes the mountain will choose to hire a commercial tree company in order to thin out the glade and make it skiable. Obviously, this can depend heavily on the budget that the trail run has been allotted. As a result, it’s important for the trail designers and maintainers to know what’s the cost for land clearing. Finally, even though resorts desire to feature glades on their mountain, they know that they have to respect nature and be sure not to harm ecosystems or certain coniferous trees on the mountain. In fact, many trail run designers are trained about proper care for fruit trees (the fruit being the pine cone for coniferous trees) so as to be good stewards of the environment.

Skiing at Mt Baker

mt baker


When it comes to skiing in the steep and deep, there are a lot of places that you can go. For example, if you are looking at the Rocky Mountains, you can ski in the unique and signature champagne powder in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. If you are in Utah, you can go to the Cottonwoods and ski the incredibly challenging terrain at Alta or Snowbird. However, if you are just looking at getting waist deep in massive amounts of snow, look no further than Mt. Baker, Washington.

PNW gem

Mt. Baker, Washington is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. This part of the country is known for high amounts of precipitation, especially rain. However, since Mt Baker is at such a high altitude, that copious amount of rainfall turns into snow and translates into an incredibly awesome time for skiiers and snowboarders.


Another incredible thing about Baker is the challenging terrain. In addition to massive amounts of snow, skiiers and snowboarders alike can enjoy great glades, moguls, and steep terrain. For those who are feeling adventurous, there is also a good amount of back country available on the mountain, so go ahead and duck under that rope!

Mount Baker does not have a lot of hotels or any kind of resort vibe, so if you are looking for that sort of thing, you might want to find another place to ski. However, if you like a lot of snow and great terrain, then this great Pacific Northwest mountain is for you!